Vacuum Wigs

A passionate educator and advocate for Alopecia and hair loss, Jackie guides clients through all aspects of hair replacement options; from custom hairpieces, vacuum prosthesis, integration pieces or toppers; Jackie offers complimentary consultations and assessments. A leader in the industry, Jackie has been working with full and partial hair loss clients throughout the Eastern United States and Europe for over a decade. A true master in this field, Jackie¹s experience and artistic sensibility enable her to provide her clients with her professional expertise in selecting the most flattering color, texture and length of hair.

Our high quality, custom designed and created hairpieces are:

Totally secure: you can have your freedom back without worrying about your hair! Natural looking: no one will know you are wearing a hairpiece -Comfortable to wear. Can be styled and cut the way you want.

Silicone Base Vacuum Wigs

These hairpieces are made from the finest quality European human hair. Silicone Base Vacuum wigs are made with careful attention to implanting the hair in the proper density, direction to ensure a natural hairline, part, and scalp. The hair is implanted by hand to the base so that the finished result replicates a natural scalp all over the head. The hair can be cut and styled to suit your preference. Hair can be chosen and blended from several colors and length. The results are a gorgeous, natural head of hair.

TMG Soft Base Vacuum Wigs

Thin as a contact lens, the TMG uses specially designed German polymers for the thinnest vacuum base available. The cutting edge TMG technology makes it virtually impossible to tell where the TMG starts and the client scalp begins. The TMG single hair implementation replicates actual growing hair and uses only the finest European hair available. Integration Hairpieces: this sounds great too as is Full and Partial Cranial Prosthesis: Our collection of full and partial prostheses are crafted with the highest degree of excellence. Every hair piece is custom designed and made for each individual client. Complimentary consultations are recommended to select the most flattering color, texture and length.